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Experience a wonderful climate for watersports in Mauritius!

Mauritius Winds

Because the seasons in the southern-hemisphere are the opposite to the northern-hemisphere, the most constant trade winds occur from May to September which is the Mauritian winter. However, Mauritius has a steady south-easterly trade wind throughout the year making it an ideal sailing destination.

The position of Mont Choisy on the north-west of the island has the protected inner bay within the natural reef which is perfect for learning, while the stronger winds outside the reef are ideal for blasting sail-aways in controlled sessions out at sea.

The southern-hemisphere summer season lasts from November through to April, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius. Sea temperatures are comfortable, usually in between 22 and 30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature never dips below 22-24 degrees, even in the winter months. Year round you shouldn’t need a wetsuit, but the summer months (November through April) are usually the best time to visit. Consistent trade winds are 10-15 knots (up to force 4) blowing in a cross offshore direction.

Equipment to make the most of Mauritius
All our catamarans are equipped with spinnakers to boost the available sail area, and we have carefully chosen a classic range of mono-hulls, ideally suited for the weather conditions on Mauritius. Our dinghy and catamaran selection is supplemented by a brand new fleet of windsups.

We are already completely full for the UK February half term break. If you are interested in coming out at Easter then it is a good idea to book as soon as you can as flight prices will almost certainly rise.

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